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Double head automatic chili sauce film installed production line - seasoning chili sauce filling machine (filling rotor label pipeline)

Category: Chili Sauce Filling Machine | Model: KLG | Brand: Starlight

Chili sauce filling machine

   Product introduction:
The double-head automatic chili sauce is a modern new filling equipment specializing in the packaging of sauces, which is a bottle, chili sauce filling machine, vacuum capping machine, round bottle labeling machine, Bottled platforms these whole filling production lines. The two-head automatic chili sauce is widely used in chili sauce, beef sauce, sesame sauce, ketchup, saban, spicy sauce, soy sauce, mushroom sauce, sweet noodle sauce, etc. Clover.

Chili sauce filling machine

1. The DU gas cylinder quantification system is used, and the distance from the cylinder is precisely controlled, and the precision position of the quantitative cylinder is moved and the filling is high.
2. Double-head sauce fully automatic chili sauce filling machine uses PLC touch screen human machine control, one-click operation, intuitive and convenient.
3. There is a filling adjustment handle, and the filling speed can be adjusted with high filling accuracy. Sauce filling oscillatable production pipeline filling stuffed with anti-dripping, anti-drawing and lifting filling device, and filling process performance stable.
4. The two-head automatic chili sauce is designed to be reasonable. The pneumatic part uses imported elements, and the material contact portion is made of stainless steel material to ensure the safety and stability of production, in line with health requirements.
5. Configure the automatic agitator, which can be mixed with a sauce, which does not cause filling and clogging, pneumatic control of the filling valve to ensure filling accuracy.
6. The whole machine adopts high quality stainless steel, good sealing, ensuring filling and health, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.
7. With a safety protection device, doing a bottle, no bottles do not fill, prevent the material from spraying.

automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Double head automatic chili sauce packing machine production line process:
Automatic bottle, bottle - high temperature drying bactericidal - quantitative filling sauce - sterilization - automatic swag - automatic cover - automatic filling - air dry - round bottle labeling machine - Set of labels, spray code - bottle table - packing

Product parameters:
Filling head: double head
Voltage: 380V
Power: 2KW
Working air pressure: 0.6MPa
Bottle height: 80-180mm
Bottle diameter: 55-95mm
Filling Caship: 1%