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Double-headed Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Category: Chili Sauce Filling Machine | Model: XHG Series| Brand: Starlight

Double-headed Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

Chili sauce filling machine designed by Zhengzhou Starlight chili sauce automatic filling machine manufacturer is a specific demand in the market for bottled pot bottom material research and design of a filling machine equipment, it’s suitable for all kinds of hot pot base material, hot pepper saucesauce, bean paste, beef sauce filling. The chili sauce filling machine has many hot pot base material production enterprise in domestic use, such as marked oil hot pot base material, spicy hot pot base material, spicy hot pot base material, Little Sheep hot pot base material, Dahongpao hot pot base material and other enterprises have to use this equipment.

Performance Characteristics:

1 the chilli sauce filling machine structure design is reasonable, can according to the users' different needs adjustment, filling accuracy is higher, operating more simple, can be used to contain particles sauce, paste,liquid and other Various kinds of material filling
2, the contact parts of machine material are made of 316L stainless steel, pneumatic component parts have the introduction of foreign advanced countries, the overall performance is stable, the production of security and stability, in line with the GMP requirements.
3.The machine adopts full pneumatic control, flexibility, filling range can be adjusted according to demand, use, maintenance is simple and convenient.
4, the machine also can be used with capping machine, labeling machine, coding machine and other equipment to form a production line, greatly improving production efficiency.

Technology Parameters:

Filling Range Filling Speed Precision Main Unit Dimension Air Consumption Net Weight Gross weight Packing Size
XHG-06-2 5-60ml*2 0-35 BPM*2 1% 870*250*565 4-6kg/cm2 16kg 19kg 1035*290*270
XHG-12-2 10-120ml*2 0-35 BPM*2 1% 950*250*565 4-6kg/cm2 17kg 20kg 1035*290*270
XHG-25-2 25-250ml*2 0-35 BPM*2 1% 995*350*575 4-6kg/cm2 23kg 25kg 1085*320*280
XHG-50-2 50-500ml*2 0-30 BPM*2 1% 1200*300*665 5-8kg/cm2 26kg 28kg 1285*335*280
XHG-100-2 100-1000ml*2 0-20 BPM*2 1% 1250*345*668 5-8kg/cm2 39kg 43kg 1335*390*280