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DXD60L Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Category: Chili Sauce Filling Machine | Model: DXD60L | Brand: Starlight

DXD60L Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

The pump of DXD60L Chili Sauce Filling Machine is fully made of stainless steel. Packing quantity can be adjusted steplessly in a rated range.The Semi-liquid type machine with a stirring device,can package Viscous sauce with slag, and is especially suitable for the upgrading and updating of convenience food condiment. The fluid and semifluid class: juice, honey, jam, ketchup, shampoo, liquid pesticide.

Technology Characteristics:

1. The operation is stable and reliable through the key switch and all the digital display.
2. Computer control, stepping motor drive and pull bag, make bag with a high precision.
3. Automatically track color code, intelligent eliminate false color mark, automatically finish bags fixed location and fixed length.
4. Heat sealing dual temperature control, intelligent temperature control.

Technology Parameters:

Model DXD60L
Packing Speed (bags/minutes) 25~55
MeasuringRange (ml) 1~50,20~100
Bag Size (mm) L 50~120  W 60~85
Voltage AC 380V/50Hz
Power (kw) 1.36
Weight (kg) 185
External Dimensions (mm) 665×770×1580
Packing Material Diameter(mm ) ≤300