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220 Large Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Category: Chili Sauce Filling Machine | Model: XH-220 | Brand: Starlight

220 Large Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

220 Large Chili Sauce Filling Machine, R & D by Zhengzhou Starlight Co.,Ltd. according the requirements of the garlic, mashed garlic and other sauce product export enterprise, is the special equipment for mashed garlic, sesame paste, sweet bean sauce and other thick paste, supporting a spiral play feeder and automatic ribbon typewriter. The machine has a high degree of automation, stable performance, high precision packaging, finished appearance.

Main Performance and Structural Features:

1 The machine is made of imported programmable controller, servo motor super touch screen to compose the drive control core, Good to Excellent, simple operation.
2 combined with the metering device to complete metering, feeding, bagging, date printing products transporting of all packaging process.
3 Perfect automatic alarm protection function, the loss to a minimum help recovery
4 smart thermostat, ensure nice, smooth seal.
5 This machine can be made pillow-shaped bags, hanging bags according to the customer needs

Performance Parameter:

Power Supply : 220 v / 2400 w
 Gas volume: 2.5 m3 / min 6 kg/cm2
 Bag width: 80-200 mm
Bag Length : 85-300 mm
Packaging Accuracy: ≤±1﹪
Packing speed: 20-60 bags/min
Machine weight: 500 kg
Overall Dimension: 1100 mm x 900 mm x1700 mm