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Semi-automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Category: Chili Sauce Filling Machine | Model: KLG | Brand: Starlight

KLG 颗粒酱状灌装机/Semi-automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

KLG Semi-Automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine can fill slurry fluid materials with particles, especially suitable for concentration condiments with particles, such as chilli sauce, hot pot base and sticky sauce etc. Automatic agitator configuration ensure adequate mixing of the butter and oil. Filling machine is also known as chili sauce filling machine, peanut butter filling machine, bean paste filling machine, jam filling machine, sesame paste filling machines, viscous sauce filling Machine, beef sauce filling machine.

Structure Characteristics and Working Principle:

1、KLG semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine is based on company of advanced filling machine technology, and the Reform and innovation of the product, the filling machine structure is simple, high precision, easier operation.
2、This machine is semi-automatic piston filling machine, can filling particle slurry fluid material. Configure automatic agitator to ensure adequate mixing of the butter and oil, filling valve pneumatic valve control, higher filling accuracy.
3、the volume and speed of filling can be arbitrary regulation.
4、it’s easy to operate,The Pneumatic parts are used Germany FESTO and Taiwan AirTac of pneumatic components.
5、With chilli sauce contact parts using 316L stainless steel, in accordance with GMP requirements.
6、this machine is reasonable design, model small, vertical structure, save space.
7、The chili sauce filling machine of Filling head adopts Prevent drawing and lifting filling device.

Technology Parameters:

Gas pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Power: 10W
Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz
Filling Speed: 10-30 BPM
Precision: ≤±1﹪
Choices: 5-60ml 10-125ml 25-250ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml