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Full set of chili sauce production line equipment - automatic chili sauce production line manufacturers

Category: Chili Sauce Filling Machine | Model: KLG | Brand: Starlight

Chili sauce filling machine

    The pepper sauce, the flavor appetizing, fresh and refreshing, no exaggeration, any dishes, just add a pepper sauce, it is really delicious. As the saying goes: Workers want to do things, must first take care of them, good equipment, do a good job, have a good future! For large barrels of pepper sauce, it is more inseparable from the filling machine, Nanjing Xinghuo Chili Sauce Filling Machinery Co., Ltd. R & D launches the quantitative filling machine, the automatic large barrel The installed equipment is not convenient for the corresponding industry!

Chili sauce filling machine

Barrels, pepper, quantitative filling machine, design:

Nanjing Xinghuo automatic filling machine manufacturer independently develops to launch the bucket of chili pepper, quantitative filling machine, quantitative filling machine, quantitative filling machine, is a multi-year production experience, and absorb the world's advanced The new generation of automatic large bucket pepper, which is developed, developed, has a compact design, compact design, simple and beautiful, and its equipment is made of whole stainless steel, stable structure, and easy to clean, easy to maintain. The quantitative filling machine of the barrel is used in well-known brand electrical components at home and abroad, the performance is reliable, long service life, is an ideal equipment for sauce quantitative filling manufacturers.

automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

The automatic large bucket of Pepper, quantitative filling machine in Nanjing Xinghuo Machinery:
1. The quantitative filling machine of the tap pepper is used for piston filling design, and the filling speed is free to adjust, and the precision is high.
2, the machine is more energy, simple structure, extensive adaptation, simple adjustment, convenient maintenance.
3. The main components of the quantitative filling machine of the barrels are made of high quality stainless steel materials and aluminum magnesium alloys.
4, the automatic large barrel of chili pepper quantitative filling machine uses compressed air as the main power, cleaning, environmental protection, energy saving.
5, the quantitative filling machine of the bucket is used in high performance control components, and the performance is stable and reliable.

automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Star Bucket Pack Pepper Quantitative Filling Machine Application:

The automatic large bucket pepper quantitative filling machine can be applied in chili sauce, ketchup, salad sauce, fork, sly sauce, spicy sauce, mushroom sauce, halo sauce, black pepper, soy sauce, sweet noodles, garlic Sauce, rice sauce, down rice sauce, fish sauce, shrimp sauce, etc.

Barrels of chop pepper quantitative filling machine technical parameters:
Production speed: 1500-2400 bottles / hour
Package accuracy: ≤ +/- 1%
Filling: 10-2500ml
Host power: 2KW
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
Power: 380V / 50Hz
Weight: 1200kg