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Semi-automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Category: Chili Sauce Filling Machine | Model: KLG | Brand: Starlight

automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

The automatic production line of sesame sauce filling machine is composed of four automatic sesame sauce filling machines and high-speed vacuum capping machine for chili sauce. It is our new four-head sauce filling machine. It has novel design, beautiful appearance, friendly interface, strong adaptability, simple operation, accurate filling quantity and convenient maintenance. The surface and material of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel according to the contact surface, no drip, no wire drawing, easy to clean, and fully meet the requirements of food industry standards. Sesame paste filling machine equipment surface and material according to contact surface are made of 304 stainless steel, no drip, no wire drawing, easy to clean, fully meet the requirements of food industry standards.

This sesame sauce filling machine has been used by many well-known enterprises with good feedback. Liubiju sesame sauce, seabed hotpot sauce, old daddy chili sauce, Zhongjing mushroom sauce, etc. are controlled locally by DLP touch screen, which can realize man-machine dialogue operation. Sesame paste filling machine is suitable for filling containers of different specifications. It can change filling specifications in a few minutes. There is no need to add spare parts, just need to adjust to complete.


Suitable for: large granular sauce, sesame sauce, peanut sauce, chili sauce, soybean sauce, etc. Specialized for large granular sauce, can be stirred, especially suitable for sauce enterprises, can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve filling efficiency. In addition: the sesame sauce filling machine is actually a four-head sauce filling vacuum capping machine, the equipment can be customized, the specific delivery date can be consulted by customer service or call consultation!


Technology Parameters:

Number of irrigators: 4
Power supply voltage: 380V/220V+10%V AC50Hz
Power: <1.2Kw
Filling accuracy: +1%
Use air pressure: 0.4-0.8 Mpa