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What should I solve when the automatic chili sauce filling is faulty?

Date: 2022-01-05  From: Zhengzhou Starlight

    Automatic chili sauce filling machine as the main product in the sauce production line, once the failure is more delayed, if the chili sauce can have problems, everyone is definitely more urgent, so we will talk about it today. How should we solve the pacapy sauce?

Chili sauce filling machine

1. Analysis of troubleshooting
The problem of full automatic chili sauce filling machine may be caused by multiple factors, which is better than a part damage, and bad operation habits lead to equipment failure. There are many causes of faults because of small problems, which can be analyzed according to the phenomenon of failure, and judge the essence of the fault. And learn from this fault, improve your production, maintenance, and avoid the next fault repeating.
2. Work for the component
The full automatic chili sauce filling machine is caused by the damage caused by the damage to the accessories, and the accessories required for maintenance are required to maintain maintenance.
3, carry out equipment repair
Install the qualified new accessories and repair parts installed according to the original location. In the installation process, make sure some assembly processes are required, such as lubrication, position, shape errors, etc.
4, carry out equipment operation debugging
After the steps are operated, the application of the device can be attempted, and the device can be observed during operation, and the automatic chili sauce filling machine is commissioned, debugging to meet the original work level, accuracy and other requirements.
5, progress plan
To identify the cause of the failure of mechanical equipment, after this fault analysis, multiple maintenance schemes can be prepared and choose one of these programs. It can be reserved to eliminate the solution, which can be applied when the equipment emergency treatment.
6, failure to disarm
An ordered fault dismissal of the fully automatic chili sauce filling machine and labeled it during the dismantling process, and re-confiring the cause of the failure during the dismantling process, and implemented the previously developed maintenance scheme.
7, record archive
After completing the above matters, the maintenance scheme is summarized, and the maintenance scheme is archived, and the next time the problem can be quickly reacted and processed.

Chili sauce filling machine

The above is the process of automatic chili sauce, simple and easy to use, understand, master the above skills, don't wait for the maintenance master, and easily solve it. These few tricks, you have to collect it, so good!