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How to buy chili sauce filling machine?

Date: 2022-01-04  From: Zhengzhou Starlight

    The rapid development of the social economy prompted people's life pace, consumers The product packaging has a higher demand, so many bottled foods appear in the market, Sauce products, such as chili sauce, mushroom sauce, beef sauce, ketchup, jam, etc. It has become a popular food in the mall market, and the chili sauce products have gradually chased consumers. Hold. How does the chili sauce are filling, cavity, which makes the intact chili sauce product In front of us. At this time, I will not use the use of the chili sauce, so in many How to buy in the filling machine of the chili sauce?

Chili sauce filling machine

I want to know how the chili sauce filling machine is purchased, followed by Xiaobian to see:

1. Similar to the liquid sauce products, you can choose commonly used chili sauce filling machine equipment This kind of sauce liquidity is strong for filling equipment, and as long as you choose yourself The production capacity selects a suitable semi-automatic or fully automated device. Filling 500 grams For example, semi-automatic production capacity is 500-600 bottles / hour, fully automatic filling production capacity is at 800-2600 Bottle / hour.
2. For mushroom sauce, beef sauce, such as large particles, such as large particles The requirements of the sauce for the filling valve are very high when the filling equipment is selected. Conventional chili sauce filling The machine is selected is an ordinary three-way valve, which is easy to cause filling valves when filling large particles. Do not discharge. In order to solve this problem, Xunjie engineers have developed a patent Filling the valve, the amount of sauce filling of large particles can be delivered to the filling mouth Reach easily filling. Then friends choose in half automatic according to their own capacity issues,Fully automatic equipment.
3, for the layered sesame chili sauce, there are many filling equipment on the market, because He is in a stratified, the upper side is the chili oil of a layer of sesame particles, and the bottom is very visible. Sauce, due to the stratified severe ordinary chili sauce filling machine filling, it is not uniform, can not reach A good effect, improved the characteristics of the filling valve under the efforts of our engineers Finally realized a good filling effect.