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High quality semi-automatic filling machine for chili sauce is worth seeing.

Date: 2019-09-07  From: Zhengzhou Starlight

    Nowadays, with the abundant market, chili sauce, as the most common one, is delicious and cheap, easy to serve as seasoning, and is loved by the masses of the people. With the increasing demand for chili sauce production, the semi-automatic filling machine of chili sauce is gradually developing towards high speed and automation.
     Quality is the basis to measure whether a product can penetrate into the hearts of the people. Quality determines the attitude of the enterprise. Therefore, high-quality products are easier to penetrate into the hearts of the people and win market recognition. High-quality makes life better. The production and development enterprises of semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine must establish a good reputation. Emphasis is placed on talent cultivation while increasing the ability of independent innovation. Through continuous attempts, we are committed to building a high-level, new semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine, innovative, innovative, and win user support with high quality, low price and good service.

sauce filling machine

1. The sauce filling machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, all stainless steel production, sanitation and safety.

2. The filling machine is equipped with photoelectric automatic control system. The unique piston filling form can be filled freely or continuously.

3. Horizontal mixing structure, soy sauce and sauce can be fully mixed, greatly improving the accuracy of measurement and filling performance;