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Drafting the chili sauce GB will promote the chili sauce filling machine to develop rapidly

Date: 2012-12-12  From: Zhengzhou Starlight

The fact, that China is the country since ancient times which produce and consume the most chili, provide an opportunity for the development of chili sauce filling machine. The news that the chili sauce GB is being made comes from the China Association of condiments, which will bring the Chinese chili sauce to the world, especially improve the chili sauce production to be more standard. The GB appears to prevent inferior products into the market to guarantee the food safety.

Now the product testing of thousands of national enterprises and the domestic market research have been finished, and the draft of chili sauce GB will be handed in to the state authority department next month. The chili sauce GB will promote the development of the chili sauce later packaging and the packing machinery industry. The chili sauce filling machine is R & D to fill the viscous paste with particles in food industry, such as spicy hot sauce, fragrant chili sauce, beef sauce, bean paste, tempeh etc. It is the best equipment to fill viscosity paste including particles.

Experts indicate that the chili sauce GB in drafting will fill the long-term blank of the industry and will be help to supervise the sanitation and safety of chili sauce products.